Car Key Programming

Car Key Programming St Columb

, Cornwall

Modern keys are equipped with specialist security technology to minimise the risk of vehicle theft. We can provide replacement car keys and programme the transponder so it communicates with your car just as the original set did. Our team can also replace broken transponder chips, complete with reprogramming for a professional service you can trust. In addition, we can supply and programme remote keys and keyless entry fobs if you have lost or broken the original. Our team of mobile vehicle locksmiths are experienced in working with all makes and models at highly competitive prices. So, if you need car key programming, call for a fast response. We can come to you, whether at work, home or out on the road.

Key Programmers

Our team of locksmiths have extensive experience and have all the necessary equipment required for key programming. We can programme all kinds of car keys in including transponder keys and keyless remote fobs.

Transponder Key Programming

Most modern cars manufactured after 1995 will have transponder keys that work in conjunction with the vehicle’s immobiliser system. Compared to old fashioned keys that don’t have a transponder chip, they offer advanced security to minimise car theft. The key contains a chip that uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. When it is inserted into the ignition, the transponder communicates with the ECU. If the correct key has been used the immobiliser will become disarmed, allowing you to start and drive the vehicle.

If you have lost or broken your transponder key then unfortunately simply cutting a new key won’t be enough, it will need programming too. We can replace the chip and programme it so that it communicates with your vehicle. If required, we can also cut a new key fitted with a transponder for complete car key replacement.

Car Key Fob Programming

If you have a remote keyless fob that is faulty, get in touch for car key fob programming. Remote key fobs contain a short-range radio transmitter. The transmitter sends a code to your vehicle to confirm it is the correct key, allowing entry into the vehicle and activation of the ignition. The range for operation between the fob and vehicle is usually around 5 to 20 meters.

If your key fob is faulty, we can replace the chip and re-programme it so that it opens your vehicle. If you have lost your keys or they are beyond repair, we can supply replacement key fobs and programme them ready for use.

Car Key Programming Near Me

Get in touch now if you need car key programming in St Columb, Cornwall or anywhere else in the Cornish and Devon regions. Our mobile auto locksmith service is ready and waiting to come to your rescue night or day!

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